Guns subjected to licence

Within the EU (European Union)

Outside of the EU (European Union)

Delivery only against advanced payment

  • Consignment on approval and returns are not possible for exports.
  • All shipment costs (postage, freight charges etc.) are to be paid
    by the customer.
  • No export of ammunition, primers and blank cartridges.

Export into an European Union country

For export of licensed guns we need your original import-licence of your government. Eventually you will get it at your police station: Art. 11 (2) Guideline 91/4 77/EWG; Art. 10 (2) Guideline 93/15/EWG; 9a (1) 1. WaffV)

Original size

Our government will give us an export-licence. This will take at least one week and costs 20,00, shipping costs € 80,00.

Exports into an European Union country are subject to the German VAT (value added tax).

Export into a country outside of the EU

For the export of licensed guns and any spare part (e.g. grips, sights, magazins) we need your originally signed end-user certificate by posal letter.
(Residents of Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Japan, Switzerland and USA only needs this end-user-cert only if the amount is more than 5000,- .)

With this letter we request an export licence. This takes at least three weeks. If you allready have an import license it will be helpful sending a copy of it with your a.m. certificate.

If the item(s) could be used in military conflicts, this lasts even up to three months (depending on the importing country and the item).

  • Even if our government denies the export you will have to pay the costs for the application of 20,-.

  • As soon as we have the export licence, we will send the goods taxfree to your next customs office.

  • You may need an import licence at your customs office.

  • We may inquire for shipping costs. Please send your next international airport or seaport.

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