subjected to licence

Goods subjected to full age

  • air guns and CO² guns
  • gas powered/alarm/signal guns
  • single shot muzzel-loader
  • defence equipment
  • no export of primers and cartridges

We don't export these items as all low cost carriers in Germany banned them from transport.

Proof of majority is necessary for delivery


per email with
reference: Altersnachweis


scan front and back side of your identity card and send it as JPG (compressed to 72 dpi)

by fax to

++30/33 66 231

200% increased very bright copy of your identity card (front and back) and handwritten note of your name, date of birth and ID-Code.

by letter to

Triebel GmbH
Postfach 20 05 56
D-13515 Berlin

copy of your identity card (front and back)

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