More than 12,000 articles online,
brand new offers, second hand guns and much more we present on our homepage.

Triebel is fast
Of course, we do not have all 12,000 items on stock, but have very good contacts with our manufacturers and importers. All orders will be forwarded immediately.

Triebel is innovative
Various reports in the German media (e.g. All4Shooters) attest to this.

Triebel is competent
We are gunsmiths with 250 years of experience and our own workshop.

Triebel is flexible and individual
We try our best to get even products for you that are not listed in our database.

Triebel has sharp calculated daily prices
We can not get everything cheaply, but we forward our good purchasing conditions to our customers.

We are specialist for exports of guns and accessories to Europe, Canada, USA, India and we may also export to your country.

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